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Become A Business Owner

We Help Strivers Buy & Build the Business of Their Dreams

Lisa Made $52K Monthly Income

Michael Acquired 3 laundromats worth $2M+

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What We Do

Expert Interviews

Live & Recorded Interviews

Each month we have 1-3 videos with members and experts in varying segments of business buying, selling and building present out to just this community. Ask them questions live, offer yourself up as one and gain insight and exposure. Three different segments: Industry Expert Q&A Vendor Q&A (attorneys, accountants, biz brokers share ideas) Member spotlights (members tell their wins and losses).

Deal Flow: Buy & Sell

Engage With Options

We invite a select number of business brokers and sellers to post on a back channel of the course businesses that you all say you are looking for. We also invite members to post their businesses they are looking to buy and sell so that as one grows we all grow together. We are STRICT on non-solicitation so no selling but plenty of collaboration.


The Course Continues

You’ll have access to past units, new and continuing courses and subjects Ryan and Codie dream up and you all request in the master mind. Two different segments: Monthly Q&A: Ryan and Codie do 1x live per month Unconventional Trends: New trends we see in buying and building

You are not alone, UA is where owners come together.


Codie & Ryan

Unconventional Acquisitions

Our mission is to help you become a dealmaker, an owner, and financially free. We started Unconventional Acquisitions because we realized wealth is created through OWNERSHIP, but no one teaches that class. It’s reserved for those on Wall Street or insiders.

We’re Ryan and Codie, together we have started, bought and sold innumerable businesses and we want to bring you along with us. Truth is, BUYING a profitable business is accessible to those willing to work at it AND it’s easier than you think.

Real People

Real Results

Hear from UA professionals who have changed their lives through our courses:

Testimonial Quote

I’m loving the course—learning a ton. Thanks for the effort you and Ryan have put into it. I’m very excited to get my first deal in the coming weeks!

Chase Eskelsen
Testimonial Quote

The course has blown me away, but it is really Codie and Ryan and their leadership and the teachers that they are bringing in that are all the value that you could ask for.

Mark Crandall
Testimonial Quote

Our team has gone through the online course, we’re in the mastermind now. In just a short amount of time, they have massively accelerated our learning around inquiring companies.

Dirk Van Reenan
Testimonial Quote

This content is laser focused! I feel like I’ve just completed a mini MBA on Business Acquisitions. The analytics tools in here are awesome!

Bill Oelrich
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Online Course +

Mastermind Group

Learn proven methods to find, analyze, buy and build small businesses.

Achieve financial independence while powering the economy and becoming the business leader you are meant to be.

We will show you why there has NEVER been a better time to acquire businesses, why you can do it with little or no money down and why THIS is the new American dream.

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See What Mark was Able To Accomplish


Mark joined UA

On Sept. 22nd

Mark closed first deal

On Oct. 12th

Mark became an owner

In Just 21 Short Days

Mark's new business

Annual Profits: $147k/Year

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