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I’m a reformed journalist, turned institutional investor to now a Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, a private equity firm w/ $200MM in assets in the emerging asset class of cannabis. I left a multi-billion business I built up in Latin America to take advantage of this green emerging sector.

I’ve always worked at the intersection of media, marketing and money, finding contrarian ways to invest. I actively own and have investments into over 17 companies across asset classes and cashflow off of 7 of them that I’m actively involved in.

I played in institutional investing land at SSGA (w/ trillions under management), learned about active investing and alternatives at Goldman Sachs and was at the forefront of the ETF business with Vanguard.

I’ve led global teams in all asset classes, negotiated JV’s, bought and sold businesses, sat on boards, lost money, made money, and gotten a few degrees.

But the most fascinating part of all of it, as a former journalist, I saw the inside of how investment firms acquire wealth through M&A and business acquisition. And it’s not nearly as complex for us all to repeat as most say.

Wealth is created when you buy profits.




I’ve lived a few lives. I started out graduating in the shadows of 9/11. No jobs, no opportunities anywhere. So I did something I’ve repeated many a time, I chose myself. I went and became a rep for Cutco Knives, quickly becoming a top 10 manager with 100 people selling underneath me.

After that I wanted to continue leading and teaching so I went and became a teacher. You all know what teachers make. It ain’t a lot. Although my early success allowed me to spend time on a passion I was hungry to continue to earn.

So I moved to real estate and quickly became a leader, then an owner, then an owner and investor in multiple real estate brokerages. This was where my interest in acquiring stakes and businesses blossomed.

It’s what’s led me to writing quite a few books (a few bestsellers which is candidly a terrible way to make money but a great way to increase your deal flow and network), closing $1 Billion+ in acquisitions and traveling around the world teaching others how to do it. I have no ego in this, I sold knives door to door to get my start.


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