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Buy An Online Business for $1k?

"Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own." - Baron Rothschild How’s that quote to kick off your day? I’m just here serving up sunshine and rainbows. But, I’m also serious. Over the coming months, I…


How long does buying a business take?!

Today we will talk about how long it'll take you to become OWNER INVESTORS.  First, as a reminder, our belief is you can be an OWNER OPERATOR, aka do all the work and replace your current job with a business…


Buying A Business Isn’t Rocket Science

Many people think that owning or buying a business seems like getting a PhD. Which is why only 1.6% of Americans own their own business.  NOT BECAUSE IT’S HARD, but because the rules you’ve been taught are ridiculous. If you…


How the Wealthy REALLY Start Businesses!

Most people think 0 to 1. They start a business venture and, despite many failures, continue to grind at this relentless startup game with an incredible rate of failure.Sometimes it works, most often it doesn’t. Which is why 96% of…


Buying Real Estate or Buying A Small Business?

Real Estate or Small Business? That is… Not really a question at all in our snarky beliefs. Let us tell you why (at least right now) we think it’s so much more interesting to acquire a small profitable business. But first…


Buying a $300MM revenue business for $31MM?!

Look who is buying businesses. This IS WILD. Tai Lopez bought what business? And a totally repeatable model (but at smaller scale) for us to learn from in the world of business buying and thinking about opportunity in a 21st…


Is Business Buying Right for You?

We got an email from a lovely woman named Nicole... this is what it said: I told you we read every email that comes in from all 30k of you. So we read hers and we didn't reply with BUY…