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How long does buying a business take?!

Today we will talk about how long it'll take you to become OWNER INVESTORS.  First, as a reminder, our belief is you can be an OWNER OPERATOR, aka do all the work and replace your current job with a business…


Buying A Business Isn’t Rocket Science

Many people think that owning or buying a business seems like getting a PhD. Which is why only 1.6% of Americans own their own business.  NOT BECAUSE IT’S HARD, but because the rules you’ve been taught are ridiculous. If you…


How the Wealthy REALLY Start Businesses!

Most people think 0 to 1. They start a business venture and, despite many failures, continue to grind at this relentless startup game with an incredible rate of failure.Sometimes it works, most often it doesn’t. Which is why 96% of…


Buying Real Estate or Buying A Small Business?

Real Estate or Small Business? That is… Not really a question at all in our snarky beliefs. Let us tell you why (at least right now) we think it’s so much more interesting to acquire a small profitable business. But first…


Buying a $300MM revenue business for $31MM?!

Look who is buying businesses. This IS WILD. Tai Lopez bought what business? And a totally repeatable model (but at smaller scale) for us to learn from in the world of business buying and thinking about opportunity in a 21st…


Is Business Buying Right for You?

We got an email from a lovely woman named Nicole… this is what it said: I told you we read every email that comes in from all 30k of you. So we read hers and we didn’t reply with BUY…