May 10, 2023

Breaking Free From The 9-To-5 Grind: A Guide To Small Business Acquisition

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Breaking Free From The 9-To-5 Grind: A Guide To Small Business Acquisition

Unconventional Acquisitions

May 10, 2023

Business buyers taking action

Good afternoon, In our business-buying community, most members aren’t driven by a passion for buying a business.

They’re really driven by their 9-5. To free themselves from its power. To escape it altogether. To build something more meaningful. To make that W2 money work harder for them. To start rolling the ball on that magic generational wealth.

Relatable? This one’s for you.

In 5 minutes or less:

  • Don’t fall for startup traps
  • Your digital entry-point
  • Then: easy wins, the big leagues, & home runs
  • How to not fall flat

Breaking Free from the 9-to-5 Grind: A Guide to Small Business Acquisition

The mundane routine of the corporate world: endless meetings, constant emails, soul-crushing commute. Building someone else’s wealth and trading your time for money. All while struggling to create your own financial freedom and time freedom.

Are you tired of it yet?

Well, my friend, it’s time to take a leap of faith and explore the world of small biz ownership.

Jessica: Don’t fall for startup traps

The journey to entrepreneurial success is fraught with challenges, mishaps, and the occasional reality check. For every success story, countless people have left their jobs only to fall flat on their faces.

Take Jessica, for example.

Jessica quit her job to start a tech startup, only to realize she had no idea how to build a business from scratch. The startup fizzled out, and Jessica crawled back to her former employer with her tail between her legs. Jessica’s story is typical when talking with people who want to make the leap.

But it shouldn’t discourage you. Startups may have a so-so track record for success, but you have another option: small biz acquisition. It allows you to leverage an existing customer base, brand, and operational system.

But how do you buy a business without abandoning the 9-5 ship?

Here are 4 ways to make the leap to business ownership and your dreams of freedom.

Natalie: Your digital entry-point

To get your feet wet, you may need to buy a business that’s less hands-on. Buying a blog that aligns with your interests can be a low-risk entry point to small business ownership.

Use your expertise and passion to monetize valuable content through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, or digital products. You may not make a fortune overnight, but you can create a solid foundation to build upon while transitioning from your W-2 job.

Like Natalie.

She was one of the initial members of our Unconventional Acquisitions Mastermind when we launched in 2020. Natalie initially wanted to buy a brick-and-mortar business but realized she’d be paying more than she was willing to risk in NYC.

Instead, she worked on building relationships with brands and affiliate partners, increasing their social media presence, and slowly replacing her income over the next year. 

The popularity of our mastermind has exploded this year, and because we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for our members, we will begin waitlisting people on May 25th. So, if you’ve been thinking about joining, make sure you do it before the cut-off.

If you’re ready to join, you can sign up here or schedule a free consult to discuss your options.

Paul and Mary: Easy wins

Looking for a slightly more hands-on approach? Buying an established business with a successful track record can provide a steady income stream while you build upon its current systems and operations.

Consider businesses that are relatively easy to operate:

  • Vending machines
  • Ice vending
  • A laundromat with new equipment and card readers

These businesses require minimal time and effort, giving you the flexibility to pursue other interests or side hustles.

Meet Paul and Mary. Paul is a W-2 employee with some flexibility in his schedule. Mary owns and operates a business that takes much of her time.

Their goal was more revenue sources with little day-to-day commitment. So they purchased two laundromats, one with real estate included. They upgraded the equipment with card readers. They hired someone to stop by daily for cleaning.

Paul showcased the robot and iPad for customer check-ins, FaceTime support, refunds, and machine resets via his phone app. They revamped the business and integrated technology. Easy win.

Bret: Big-league player

Ready to take a bigger swing and aim for a more significant acquisition? Purchasing an established business with a steady track record of profits can provide a substantial income boost and the opportunity for growth. 

Look for businesses that align with your interests and skills, and do your due diligence to ensure the company has a solid foundation and growth potential. Consider partnering with an operator who brings complementary skills, allowing you to divide and conquer the business operations.

Take Bret, for example.

He was tired of working long hours at a job that didn’t create long-term wealth. Bret started looking at some smaller deals but quickly realized that they would not allow him to transition out of his current job. He needed cash flow left over after expenses and debt service to replace his current income.

So Bret purchased a Solar and Battery Installation Company for $4.75 Million using a combination of SBA lending, some seller financing, and personal funds. Within two weeks of closing on the business, Bret was already transitioning out of his W-2 job.

Renan: Swing for the fences

Feeling ambitious and ready to swing for the fences? Purchasing a larger company with a full-time operator in place can provide an immediate income boost and an opportunity for significant growth.

Look for companies with a proven track record of success and a loyal customer base. Be prepared to invest time and effort in due diligence and negotiations.

Have you heard of Renan?

Renan was sick of long hours at a job he didn’t love. He took a chance and purchased a successful remediation company with talented employees in place. He negotiated an $8 Million purchase (one of our larger deals), 100% seller financed.

Renan also partnered with an operator to step in and run the business. Now he spends limited time on this business and has already moved on to a second acquisition. Meanwhile, this company profits $2 Million annually.

How to not fall flat

We had a group member who made a risky investment in a frozen yogurt franchise without consulting us.

It’s a cautionary tale for small business acquisitions.

While they can offer a strategic approach to entrepreneurship, they aren’t a shortcut to success.

Hard work and facing challenges are inevitable, but you can achieve the freedom and fulfillment you crave with determination.

So, take the leap of faith, and good luck!

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