January 2, 2021

Buying A Business Isn’t Rocket Science

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Buying A Business Isn’t Rocket Science

Unconventional Acquisitions

January 2, 2021

Many people think that owning or buying a business seems like getting a PhD. Which is why only 1.6% of Americans own their own business. 

NOT BECAUSE IT’S HARD, but because the rules you’ve been taught are ridiculous.

If you were taught:

  • To go to school, amass massive debt in order to get ahead
  • To pay your dues at a cubicle job you’d rather be tortured than do
  • That even though you’re the hardest worker at your job, you just need to wait your turn
  • That you can have side hustles but buying a business seems to daunting 
  • That leaving your 9-5 to run a business would be too hard
  • That you aren’t SUPPOSED to like what you do and make a lot of money. 

Whatever you’ve been taught to believe the beautiful and wild thing is, it’s time to throw out the rule book. 

This is the class no one teaches in school because you’d realize how unhelpful most of college is then and they couldn’t charge you this: 

Lord help me, Wichita State charges $38k a year! 

Let me tell you a secret, you don’t need an MBA, a CFA, a CPA to be successful at buying and running your own business. 

All you need is a process, and the will to follow it. 

If you take one thing away from this email let it be that you can buy a business, run that business, and have more freedom than you ever did at a “job” or doing your own startup. 

We’ll show you how to acquire a business that you don’t want to operate but simply be a silent partner in. Like I did with this podcast production business that has income of $144k annually, and believe me, I know nothing about podcast production. 

You can decide to be an OPERATOR, to grow and run your company, or an OWNER INVESTOR. Either way buying instead of building in this world is a no brainer.

You come immediately into revenue (aka my $144k annual above), you don’t have a 4% success rate like you do with a startup as we discussed before, and you can use other people’s money to buy it. 

Don’t just take it from me. Listen to our community members.

  • “How to acquire businesses, blew my mind. I didn’t realize we could use seller financing to acquire a business that would give us instant profitability day one. Run don’t walk to learn!
  • “Wow. What I learned in just the first 45 mins on Unconventional Acquisitions is worth the entire course 10x. There is such an opportunity.”

These people went through the same process you are about to, it looks a little something like this: 

Unit 1: Intro: Buying a Business 

  1. Why you should buy a business! – What you will learn in this course. 
  2. Why now? 
  3. Getting the right mentality. 
  4. Pros and cons of buying a business. 
  5. Owner Operator vs Owner Investor 
  6. Getting prepared. 
  7. Building your team.

Unit 2: What type of business?

  1. Characteristics of the business: 
  2. Services, products, and systems.
  3. Types of Ownership 
  4. Franchises 
  5. Fields – Top 3 Reasons to Buy, Top 5 Things to Avoid, Day in the Life, Operator vs Not Operator
    1. Here we have over 20 interviews across a myriad of business sectors for you  to get a flavor on all the varying types of businesses. 

Unit 3: Lead Generation: Where do I find these businesses?

  1. Targeting the right sellers
  2. Using Your network 
  3. Business Brokers 
  4. Our Mastermind Group 
  5. Database Search – Calls and Emails 
  6. Direct Mail 

Unit 4: Selling Yourself

  1. Your Unique Skillset 
  2. How does the seller benefit? 
  3. What’s your track record? 
  4. Psychology / Archetype of the People Selling Right Now 
  5. Your First Meeting

Unit 5: Negotiating the Deal

  1. Intel Gathering – Who is your seller? 
  2. What does the seller want? What is most important to them? Needs Analysis. Determine your level of competition. 
  3. Don’t come in committed to the outcome, you will likely value 10-20 businesses 
  4. 10 Secrets to Negotiating 
  5. Resources – 10 Tips, Reference Books,etc, 15 Questions to Ask So You Don’t Waste Time

Unit 6: How to value a business?

  1. Client List / CRM /Relationships / Repeat
  2. Systems and Processes 
  3. Assets 
  4. Finances
    1. NOI
    2. EBITDA
    3. Choosing the right multiple
    4. Outstanding debts
    5. Reading Financial Statements

Unit 7: How will you finance the business? 

  1. 100% Cash Buyout
  2. Cash Influx – Percentage of Equity 
  3. Business Loans – SBA Loans
  4. Owner Finance 
  5. Profit or Revenue Share on Growth 
  6. Equity for Value Add based on benchmarks 
  1. Partnership Agreements 
  2. Financial Statements & Financial Oversight Access 
  3. Decision-making 
  4. Business Structure
  5. Terminating the Agreement

Unit 9: As a New Owner – 90 Day Plan

  1. First 30 Days
  2. First 60 Days 
  3. First 90 Days 
  4. Company Culture 

Pair all this with interviews, resources, models and templates and you will be getting what those in the worlds of private equity and venture capital usually hold near and dear, their insider playbook.

If you haven’t signed up yet → Register Now.

Remember, conventional rarely leads to big capital. Welcome to the other side. 

The days of having one paycheck are gone. The days of watching small profitable business shutter are coming to an end. The days of you becoming the master of your own fate… why they are around the corner. 

Also – Consider joining our members-only Unconventional Acquisitions Group, where we share content daily, our business owners share deal flow and help one another build.

Register for the course here OR if you are serious about buying a small business, join our Mastermind.

Yours Unconventionally,

Codie Sanchez & Ryan Snow
Co-founders Unconventional Acquisitions

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