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Learn How to Buy a Small Business

Build Freedom and Passive Income Through Acquisitions

Proven methods to find, analyze, buy and build small businesses. It’s not rocket science, it’s the class no one teaches.

Build a path to freedom through small business acquisition whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or searching for passive income investments.


Is This Course for Me?


Don't start a business. Buy then build.

Either in start-up mode or thinking about a start-up. Buying a profitable business provides a great alternative to the hardship of start-ups with most failing in the first few years. Immediate profit and cashflow allows you to focus all your energy on growing your new business.

Small Business Owner

Acquire your way to business growth.

Small business acquisitions are a unique way for you to grow your current business in to new markets, add products or services, and increase revenue and profit. There are so many small business acquisition opportunities in the market right now. Learn how to acquire and grow.

Passive Income Investors

A new path to passive income investing.

Looking for passive income with higher returns and control over your investment. If you believe the stock market and real estate is overpriced, small business offers a great alternative for passive investing with high rates of return and the ability to leverage other people’s money.


5 Most Common Biz Buying Mistakes

You can learn by your own experiences or the experiences of others. We find others less costly.

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Our number one goal is to provide the level of value and education in the course and mastermind required to help members achieve their goals.



Bill Oelrich

"This course is like a mini-MBA!"



Dirk van Reenan

"We already have an LOI in on a $3 Million plumbing company!"



Mark Crandall

"I was already able to acquire 49% of a business with $0. The deal should make me $249K next year. "

Bonus Section – Available Until June 30, 2023!

Head into 2023 poised to make your biggest leap in building revenue, wealth, and financial freedom through acquisition.












Learn to become a dealmaker in 30 days!

Unit 1 - Intro - Buying a Business​

  • Welcome to Unconventional Acquisitions
  • What Will You Learn
  • Why Buy a Business
  • Why Now is the Time to Buy a Business
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Business
  • Building Your Team
  • Can I Really Buy a Business?
  • Getting Prepared to Buy a Business
  • Unconventional Acquisitions Personal P&L
  • Unconventional Acquisitions Business Buying Calendar for Excel

Unit 2 - What type of business?​

  • Gaining Clarity
  • Gaining Clarity Worksheet
  • Characteristics of the Business
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Models – Services, Products, and Systems
  • Field Interview: Buying Franchises with Wayne Lucier
  • RESOURCE: Business Buying Checklist
  • Field Interview: Matt Aitchinson – Buying Laundromats, Add-On Companies & Believing in Yourself
  • 5 Worst Businesses To Buy
  • 5 Best Businesses to Buy

Unit 3 - Finding the Business​

  • Targeting the Right Sellers
  • Don’t Try to Do It All – Pick 2
  • Leverage Your Network
  • The FROG Method
  • Roleplay Soliciting Dealflow From Friends
  • Leverage Your Community
  • Roleplay Reaching Out to COI’s
  • Build Your Personal Brand
  • Roleplay Cold Calling A Business
  • Interview – Overcoming Rejection with Andrea Waltz Co-Author of Best-Seller Go for No
  • How Many Businesses Do I Need To Look At
  • RESOURCE: Network Email Outreach Scripts
  • RESOURCE: 1-Page Seller Email Outreach
  • RESOURCE: Business Broker List

Unit 4 - Selling Yourself​

  • Your Unique Skillset
  • What’s Your Track Record
  • How does the Seller Benefit?
  • Business Buyer Role Play: Your First Meeting
  • RESOURCE: Template NDA
  • Bonus Interview with David Osborn

Unit 5 - How to Value a Business​

  • Laundromat DD & Valuation Case Study
  • How We Value Companies: KISS METHOD
  • Financial Model Walk-thru
  • Common Methods to Value a Company
  • Value of Relationships: Valuing Customers
  • The 3 M Model for Adding Value
  • 5 Steps to Due Diligence Broken Down
  • RESOURCES – Due Diligence Checklist and Letter of Intent

Unit 6 - Negotiating the Deal​

  • Two Warnings
  • Seller Needs Analysis – Know Your Audience
  • Levers: Negotiating Price vs Terms
  • What to Bring to The Negotiation Table: Two Paths
  • Determine Your Level of Competition
  • Buying A Closed Business: Timely Opportunity
  • RESOURCE – Term Sheet & LOI Template
  • RESOURCE – 8 Questions to Ask So You Don’t Waste Time
  • Interview: Negotiation Tactics to Win-Win with Mark Yegge

Unit 7 - Financing the Deal​

  • Financing Important Levers
  • Structuring Owner Finance
  • SBA Lending A Lender Interview
  • Alternative Lending Sources
  • Milestones & Earn-Outs
  • Cash Influx – Percentage of Equity
  • Investor & Operator Partnership
  • Sweat Equity, Revshare, Profit Sharing
  • Empire Flippers CEO: Buying An Online Business
  • Case Study: Seller Financing Structure

Unit 8 - Legal and Contracts​

  • Financial Oversight & Access
  • RESOURCE – 13 Week Cash Flow
  • Most Important Legal Documents

Unit 9 - First 90 Days as a Business Owner​

  • The First Employee Meeting
  • Hiring Your Operator
  • The First 30-60-90 Days Operating the Business


The opportunity to acquire a small business has never been as great as it will be in 2023.

2.5+ Million

Businesses for Sale


10,000 +

Baby-Boomers Retire Daily


Own a Small Business

When is today going to be the day that you make the leap towards freedom?

Choose the Right Business for You

Using your unique skillset, past experiences, and goals determine next steps.

Learn to Create Deal Flow

Learn 7 ways to find great deals on small businesses including ones not currently listed.

Learn to Negotiate, Structure, and Finance

Understand and implement proven strategies to find, negotiate, structure and finance deals.

One Payment of $2,000


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I am wrapping up unit 4 today. I would like to say that the content is fantastic!!! Ryan and Codie, you have done an amazing job teaching and presenting this. I have noticed that if I start to doubt that I can do this, that disappears after working through some of the content.

Kevin Carbon

Just starting section 5 - great content and interviews so far!

Brian Oatis

The UA group has been really helpful in sharing tips and tricks and just keeping the ideas flowing. When I started the journey I didn't know what I was hoping to get out of it, but I am stoked on the value I received. I feel like it helped unlock another gear and perspective. Thanks again for creating.

Bryan Fields

Join The Mastermind

An active and growing community with more than 70 members that are aggressively pursuing buying, growing, and selling businesses to create wealth.

Unconventional Acquisitions Mastermind

Ensure your success by engaging with a crew of like-minded individuals working towards the same goal of freedom through small business acquisition. Private Facebook Group with weekly calls.


Join Over 170 Active Members

The best mode of learning and accountability to keep you on track for your goal financial freedom through business acquisition is to engage with like-minded individuals.

Expert Interviews

Learn from experts across multiple industries in our monthly interview series in the mastermind.

Deal Reviews & Hot Seats

Let the team review your potential deals and offer feedback on valuation, negotiation, structure, and finance.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is the Mastermind?

It is a facebook group for members only who share ideas and engage on how to buy, sell and build businesses. This group has monthly events, education, Q&A and is a chance for all business owners to engage together online. You’ll find the most bang for your buck from engaging with your fellow UA members.

Who is the Mastermind for?

The Mastermind is built for people who are committed to the process of buying a small business in the next year. Whether you are an entrepreneur considering buying as a better option than start-up, a small business owner looking to grow through acquisitions, or an investor looking for alternatives with higher potential returns to build passive income.

How long is the Membership for?

Membership is annual and lasts for one year, thereafter you will have the option to resubscribe. For the most engaged and value added members we will have a lifetime membership option as well.

Do you offer scholarships?

We have stopped our scholarship program. We have found it difficult for people to execute at a high level when they are too worried about the funds needed to pay their bills while trying to buy a new business. If you cannot afford the course, now may not be the best time for buying a business.

How do we best engage?

The best UA users create Acqui-teams, these are small groups of 2-4 members who come together to hold each other accountable on your business journey and goals. The members who seek out these A-teams are more likely to buy their businesses and do deals together.

What is your return policy? Do you offer refunds?

No. Here’s why, don’t commit to this unless you are ready to follow through. The content here is incredibly valuable but you are the most important part to the equation. Commit, engage, and learn. This isn’t for the uncommitted. xoxo.

What resources are provided?

Mastermind membership includes access to the course. When you join the UA Mastermind you will also have an opportunity to introduce yourself and make an ask of the group based on your goals, we will work to set you up with others who could be in your team and help you win. We also have the UA toolkit that is constantly being updated with new tools and resources.

How long does it take to buy a business?

That really depends on several things such as how targeted you are in your search, the amount of time you commit to the process, the type of financing. We have had some members complete their first deal in 30 days while other take several months.

Find a plan that’s right for you.

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I’m a reformed journalist, turned institutional investor to now a Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, a private equity firm w/ $200M in assets in the emerging asset class of cannabis. I left a multi-billion business I built up in Latin America to take advantage of this green emerging sector.

I’ve always worked at the intersection of media, marketing and money, finding contrarian ways to invest. I actively own and have investments into over 17 companies across asset classes and cashflow off of 7 of them that I’m actively involved in.

I played in institutional investing land at SSGA (w/ trillions under management), learned about active investing and alternatives at Goldman Sachs and was at the forefront of the ETF business with Vanguard.

I’ve led global teams in all asset classes, negotiated JV’s, bought and sold businesses, sat on boards, lost money, made money, and gotten a few degrees.

But the most fascinating part of all of it, as a former journalist, I saw the inside of how investment firms acquire wealth through M&A and business acquisition. And it’s not nearly as complex for us all to repeat as most say.

Wealth is created when you buy profits.




I’ve lived a few lives. I started out graduating in the shadows of 9/11. No jobs, no opportunities anywhere. So I did something I’ve repeated many a time, I chose myself. I went and became a rep for Cutco Knives, quickly becoming a top 10 manager with 100 people selling underneath me.

After that I wanted to continue leading and teaching so I went and became a teacher. You all know what teachers make. It ain’t a lot. Although my early success allowed me to spend time on a passion I was hungry to continue to earn.

So I moved to real estate and quickly became a leader, then an owner, then an owner and investor in multiple real estate brokerages. This was where my interest in acquiring stakes and businesses blossomed.

It’s what’s led me to writing quite a few books (a few bestsellers which is candidly a terrible way to make money but a great way to increase your deal flow and network), closing $1 Billion+ in acquisitions and traveling around the world teaching others how to do it. I have no ego in this, I sold knives door to door to get my start.