Is Business Buying Right for You?

We got an email from a lovely woman named Nicole… this is what it said:

I told you we read every email that comes in from all 30k of you. So we read hers and we didn’t reply with BUY BUY BUY! See, we aren’t here to really sell anyone on anything. 

We are here to find those people who believe like we do in the power of commerce for themselves, our country and our neighbors. It ain’t for everyone. But it can be if you want it.


We replied with this:

So if you are uncertain if this course is for you, or more importantly if buying or building a business is for you, because you don’t know if you can, if you are worthy, if you are capable, then here’s my advice: the only real way to know is to try. 

Start by asking yourself the above questions. Then do what I believe is the two-fold most powerful force for change: first, join a group of people looking to hold you accountable (that could be our mastermind or just grab a friend and two, put your money down. Buy the course, or buy someone else’s course. But putting your money into something will make you incentivized to follow through on it. It’s why it’s more fun to watch a game you’ve bet on, why you have a higher likelihood of losing weight if you bet money to do so.  Money is a motivator. So use psychology to change your life. 

Every worthwhile journey usually starts by asking the right questions. 

If buying a small business speaks to you… you’ll find a way.

We can’t guarantee much but we can guarantee that a determined mind is pretty damn hard to stop.

Join our mastermind, they’ll show you how they did it. 

Register for the course here OR if you are serious about buying a small business, join our Mastermind.

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