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The Unfair Advantage to Business Buying

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Unconventional Acquisitions is a selective group of strivers who are looking to take their lives and their businesses to the next level through acquisition. We hand screen every member that applies for UA.


Because we help YOU close deals every single week.
This is only for the serious.

You signed up and realize the value of becoming a dealmaker,

Now we help you achieve it. There’s no faster or more effective way to close deals and drive real revenue than have us and a group of 100’s of other deal makers analyze deals.

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The fastest and safest way for you to close deals is to have me and my team help you do it. We’ve had numerous mastermind members close on business deals in less than 90 days, you can too.


Because Codie and Ryan Know:


UA Mastermind: Your Unfair Advantage

We were offered to do private consultations for $10k an hour, helping students close deals worth $100k-$10M. The problem? It isn’t scalable and couldn’t get us to our 100,000 business owner goal. We could work with max 1 buyer a month. While that buyer was thrilled, what about the rest of the population looking for their opportunity to buy then build?

But then we started to realize something, the business buying calls all rhymed. The same questions came up, the concerns echoed… and in fact the more we brought vetted others to question and analyze the businesses the better the results.

in fact

A few of our students have said the Mastermind is worth 10x their actual MBA that cost them tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here’s a quick snippet of one of our segments:

This is hands-on real-life analysis that would cost thousands for consultants to do but will leave you feeling confident in passing or taking on a deal.

What you get

Here's what Mastermind Members get unique access to

  • Live Group Call Every Week
  • Member Deal Review
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Deal Pods – UA Mastermind Members come together to buy in similar sectors, RE roll-ups, professional services etc.
  • Top Dealmakers Come & Speak to the Group Weekly from SBA loan experts, to attorneys, to M&A specialists, to roll-up guys…

Let's break those down


UA Unfair Advantage: Deal Analysis

Weekly Review Call

Every week we join live on Monday night to discuss a deal, and break down for students exactly what’s happening. You get a chance to ask any and all questions and bring any and all deals you are analyzing.

So If you have questions on:

  • Live Group Call Every Week
  • Member Deal Review
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Deal Pods – UA Mastermind Members come together to buy in similar sectors, RE roll-ups, professional services etc.
  • Top Dealmakers Come & Speak to the Group Weekly from SBA loan experts, to attorneys, to M&A specialists, to roll-up guys…


UA Unfair Advantage: Private Facebook Group

We’ve had students do deals together, fund each other, create pods together. They are in it together. The best part, you’ll get real unbiased feedback. This group is here to see you win.

Who’s in our group? In the mastermind we have people who have sold businesses for tens of millions of dollars, bought them for tens of millions and even sold them for hundreds of millions of dollars. We also have brand newbies who the veterans love to help. We even had a 19 year old kid buy an online business for the first time. 

We have experts in ecommerce, landscaping, real estate, laundromats, hotels, bakeries, accounting firms, HVAC and beyond. These relationships are worth 10x the price of entry. Forget talking about the weather or the next sports game, here we do deals.


UA Unfair Advantage: The Biggest Deal Makers in the World

UA Mastermind

(Value $13,541)

  • Weekly Live Group Calls: Q&A's, Deal Reviews, Hot Seats and Expert Interviews - $9,997
  • 15 Hours of training videos - $997
  • One year Access to our Private Facebook Group - $1,997
  • 11 resources and templates. Including 13 week cashflow template, business buying checklist and more - $550

Our Network becomes your network.

It takes decades to assemble the ideal deal team, from attorneys, to accountants, to business brokers, to investment bankers… instead we introduce them to you.

Then we bring in people who have done 2-5-50 different business acquisitions in sectors you care about to learn from.

Often they are so impressed with our group, they’ll even give you their contact information.

We could easily charge $10-20k for this, but we want more people to know it is possible. We want to create more business owners.
We will stand beside you.

You can draw on the hundreds of deals we’ve done and the hundreds of deals your fellow UA’ers have also. You’re no longer alone in buying a business. We've got your back.

"We aren’t looking just for the wealthiest or the most pedigreed, we are looking for those who will execute and take our knowledge to create generational wealth for themselves and their families."

Codie & Ryan
So if you believe you go further together and are SERIOUS about buying a business, let’s get started.

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If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Nothing will insure success like a group of like minded people sharing their lessons together. Join our facebook group to go far.

course +
mastermind group

one year membership

$ 7500 .00
  • 15 hours of training videos
  • resources & templates
  • business buyer interviews
  • private facebook group
  • deal pods
  • live group calls
1 year

have questions?


Codie has been dubbed the contrarian investor for industry outsiders. She went from Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and Vanguard to building up billion+ business in Latin America

It is a facebook group for members only who share ideas and engage on how to buy, sell and build businesses. This group has monthly events, education, Q&A and is a chance for all business owners to engage together online. You’ll find the most bang for your buck from engaging with your fellow UA members.

Membership is annual and lasts for one year, thereafter you will have the option to resubscribe. For the most engaged and value added members we will have a lifetime membership option as well.

Yes! For those who can’t pay the full amount, tell us your story and show us why you should be a part of this community, the value you will bring and how you can give back to your fellow members. If we like it we will sponsor your membership.

No. Here’s why, don’t commit to this unless you are ready to follow through. The content here is incredibly valuable but you are the most important part to the equation. Commit, engage, and learn. This isn’t for the uncommitted. xoxo.

The best UA users create Acqui-teams, these are small groups of 2-4 members who come together to hold each other accountable on your business journey and goals. The members who seek out these A-teams are more likely to buy their businesses and do deals together.

If you join the UA Mastermind you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and make an ask of the group based on your goals, we will work to set you up with others who could be in your team and help you win. We also have the UA toolkit that is constantly being updated with new tools and resources.

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