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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Operator

So you want to buy a business, but you don’t want to be the one who manages it day-to-day? Then you’re gonna need to hire an operator.But how do you find them? And also…how do you know if they’re a…

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What to Include In A Letter of Intent

So, you found a business that you’re interested in buying. Great! Now the real work begins…A letter of intent, or LOI, is the first documented touchpoint and non-binding agreement between all parties that will be involved in a business deal,…

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5 Must-Have Processes for Highly Effective Deal Making

Want to know what public enemy #1 is when it comes to making deals?  Time. More specifically…how you spend it and how fast it takes you to move through the dealmaking process. If you’re new to the world of making…

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Why You Should Be Buying Car Washes

Ever wanted to make your millions in the boring, but weren’t sure what kind of business would be right for you? This week, we’re talking car washes and why we love them so.  According to Avanton, the average cost to buy…


Why We Love Investing in Vending Machines

But what you wouldn’t know, just by looking at him, is that Quinn creates $20k+ in revenue every single month from VENDING MACHINES. And after expenses, Quinn sees $9.7k+ in profit.  And yes, all of this cash flow comes from…