Online businesses—Buying and Profiting

What if you could buy a profitable online business for a few thousand dollars?

I bought into this business (40%) Strike Fire Productions for $10k and sweat equity. It is a podcast production business that did $117-144k in annualized profit. 

They are the #1 Podcast Production company in cannabis and rep some of the top podcasts, companies and guests in the space. I helped them optimize their business and helped them grew. Which meant I get 40% of the profits. But the real benefit to me was this is an ecosystem add-on for my cannabis VC fund. You see I get all my portfolio companies a massive discount, I get them on these podcasts and I use this business to help them grow. 

That’s a mix of money down and sweat equity on an accretive add-on deal. Not shabby for let’s call it $57k in annual revenue to me (if I don’t spend that on the business and growing it). Now that was an insider deal, which you should work to accumulate but how about for non-insider deals? 

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